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Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta


The available activities in Puerto Vallarta are so varied and large that naming them all would be a hard task. For that reason we show you a rough list of the attractions in Puerto Vallarta that turn to be more representative from this gorgeous coastal city.

  • Tours
    • Beaches and Bay
    • Jungle and Mountain
    • Horseback riding or ATV motorcycles
    • Viejo Vallarta
    • Native settlements
  • Bird watching
  • Aquatic sports all over the bay
  • Sport fishing
  • Canopy
  • Meeting with dolphins
  • Golf
  • Regional and international cuisine
  • History, culture and arts
  • Aquatic park


The amount of choices is vast, outstanding aquatic sports like scuba diving, boat racing, fishing, waterskiing, etc., as well as natural beauties that enhance this gorgeous city. On one side the majestic Pacific Ocean, on the other the astonishing mountains and their evergreen color. One can also watch fauna like dolphins, turtles and whales in their natural environment.